Services & Pricing

Special Offers

We provide a variety of quality services for all our customers, including but not limited to the special offers:

Package 1

Nose and ear wax, black mask and collagen eye patches.

Package 2

Gents haircut, wash, dry and style. Beard trim and shape up. Collagen eye patches.

Package 3

Gents haircut, wash, dry and style. Hot towel shave/steam shave. Black mask. Collagen eye patches. Nose and ear wax.

What We Do

From Stylofy barber station we provide you with a variety of services, such as:

Hair Style

Skin Fade, Classic Pompadour Haircut, Medium Fade, Spikey...


Shape and trim your beard.

Traditional Men's haircut

Scissors cut.

Hot Towel Shave

Triditional middle eastern Hot Towel Shave with a razor blade.

Facial Mask

Black facial peeling mask.


Nose and ear hair removal using wax.


Here is the list of our services and prices.

Gents Haircut


Hot Towel Shave


Steam Shave


Full Head Shave with Hot Towel






Face Mask


Students (Mon-Fri)


Students (Sat-Sun)


Clipper Cut


Prince Cut (Under 14, Mon-Fri)


Prince Cut (Under 14, Sat-Sun)


OPAs Haircut (Mon-Fri)


OPAs Haircut (Sat-Sun)


Beard Trim and shape up with a clipper


Pensioners (Mon-Fri)


Pensioners (Sat-Sun)